Call for Characters: Announcing #140conf Los Angeles and London

The 140 Characters Conference (#140conf) that took place June 16-17 2009 is now history. In two days, approx. 140 people spoke on one stage in 69 different sessions. You can now watch the videos from the conference. Special thanks to everyone who participated in the event, both in person and on the net.

I am looking for a new “Cast of Characters” for #140conf: LA taking place October 27/28 in the Wadsworth Theater in Los Angeles as well as for #140conf: London taking place November 10/11. (Special thanks to Kodak who is the title sponsor of both events.)

Once again I plan to look at twitter as a platform and look at the effects of twitter on: Celebrity, “The Media”, Advertising and Politics as well as other topics based on the proposals received.

I believe we are now living in “The State of NOW” (see: ) and that the advent of the NOW Internet has ushered in a new era of the net whose effects will be felt for some time to come.  #140conf is not a twitter conference where we will be intentionally sharing twitter “tips and techniques” but rather an event which will be exploring the effects of the NOW Internet on the future of various industries around the world. It just happens I believe twitter is the language of the NOW Internet and I look at the people who are using twitter as a fundamental part of their business as pioneers in this new space.

If you know someone whose approach to business has been affected by twitter, I would appreciate it if you could nominate them to be a character at one or both of my upcoming events. (You can also feel free to nominate yourself.) If you have an idea/suggestion for a panel, please feel free to suggest the speakers. Please feel free to email your suggestions to jeff @ (You can also free free to tweet your nomination(s)).

I plan on keeping the format of the event fast past with the majority of the individual speaking spots limited to 10 minutes and the panels to be no more than 20 minutes.

The deadline for this “Call for Characters” is July 24th but, if possible, I would appreciate receiving your feedback before the deadline.

– Jeff Pulver

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