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140  Conference  Ontario  Announces  Speakers

(BRANTFORD,  ON  –  July  14,  2011)  –  The  organizing  committee  of  the  140  Conference  Ontario   has  announced  the  first  group  of  speakers  that  will  be  involved  with  the  September  15th  event   in  Kitchener.  The  announcement  came  at  a  promotional  event  in  Brantford  Thursday  evening.
“We  are  proud  to  begin  announcing  the  people  who  will  be  sharing  their  stories  at  the  140   Conference,”  said  Julia  Rosien,  a  member  of  the  organizing  committee  and  master  of   ceremonies  for  the  140  Conference.
The  initial  group  of  speakers  offers  a  glimpse  into  the  variety  of  people  who  will  be  presenting   at  the  140  Conference.  The  speakers  that  were  announced  include  and  Editor  Brandie  Weikle,  one  of  Canada’s  most  prolific  young  DJ’s  Neil  Hedley,  and  creator  Taylor  Jones.  Each  of  the  speakers  will  have  the  opportunity  to   share  their  story  about  how  the  Internet  and  social  media  has  changed  their  life  on  stage  at  the   140  conference.
“We  want  people  to  be  both  educated  and  inspired  by  the  stories  we  present  at  the  140   conference,”  commented  Rosien.  “The  speakers  we  have  introduced  will  do  just  that;  educate   us  on  how  to  make  our  lives  better  through  the  Internet,  and  inspire  us  to  pursue  our  personal   and  professional  dreams.”
The  140  Conference  will  take  place  on  Thursday,  September  15th  at  The  Tannery  in  Kitchener.   Tickets  are  available  through  the  event’s  Facebook  page  at:
The  140  conference  is  platform  for  the  worldwide  Twitter  community  to  listen,  connect,  share,   and  engage  with  each  other,  while  exploring  the  effects  of  the  emerging  real-­‐time  internet  on   business.  The  140  conference  Ontario  is  the  first  of  its  kind  to  be  held  in  Canada.

For  more  information,  please  contact:   Julia  Rosien,  140  Conference  Ontario   Phone:  519-­‐496-­‐5797   E-­‐mail:

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Brantford Announcement – First Round of Speakers

Jodi Sonoda | @karmicevolution

Jodi shatters stereotypes with her dynamic personality and unique view of the world. No stranger to hardship and adversity, she is a fighter, a mother, a friend, and an occasional third person speaker? When the path is murky she forges her own way both personally and with her business endeavors (Word Warriors and Evolution Fascinators). Everything in her life is done with two simple goals in mind, to be happy and to teach her beautiful daughter to be happy.

Brandie Weikle | @bweikle |

Brandie Weikle is the editor of the Toronto Star’s parenting and health websites, and She’s been writing and commenting on issues that affect parents for more than a decade, first as an editor at Today’s Parent and later at Canadian Family. Brandie is passionate about social media and its power to inform and bring people together and says she’s probably annoyingly active on Twitter.

Heather Hamilton | @tjzmommy |

As a SAHM of 3 boys, Heather had her hands full but she embraced her role as cheerleader, therapist, and nurse to her littlest son with special needs. While this life had its challenges and rewards, nothing could prepare her for the immense loss when he died unexpectedly at 3 years old. Taking what Zack had taught her about overcoming adversity, Heather reached out to social media to share her story and honour her son’s memory. In return the most amazing gift was given back to her; the friendship and support of strangers who had never even met Zack but were inspired by his story. Now her days are spent working to raise money for a local hospital in her son’s name, sharing his story of hope and courage and relying on the support of others to help her get through the days.

Neil Hedley | @neilhedley |

When Neil Hedley started in radio, he was playing vinyl records on turntables that had gear shifts. Since then he’s built six consecutive #1 morning shows, set a world’s record, and seen huge changes in the industry from innovations like CD’s, satellites and Social Media. As his upcoming book “Radio Is Dead: Long Live Radio” examines ways the radio industry can survive and thrive in the internet era, Neil shows how radio serves as a microcosm of the economy at large, and how successful broadcasters and businesspeople alike can stay in tune with the demands of the changing technological landscape.

Taylor Jones | @TJ |

At 22 years of age Taylor Jones has given people around the world a different perspective and window to
look into the past. has become a worldwide phenomenon after only starting it just a
few months ago. Taylor, who resides in Kitchener came up with the idea of taking a picture of a picture,
from the past, in the present, while sitting down looking through old photographs with his family. He has
even caught the eye of Academy Award winning Director of Toy Story 3, Lee Unkrich, who tweeted a link
to, and has also been posted on Oprah’s blog! It’s been an overwhelming
experience for Taylor, and he plans to tell the story of Dear Photograph at Canada’s first ever

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